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Everybody must have a fantasy.
This is a glimpse of mine.

taggedd by @ick_origo puerr kru loey naa <3 
1. my name is nichamon roongroj
2. my nickname is actually spelled CC 
3. and it is an abbreviation of something
4. i’m very socially awkward 
5. i cannot start a conversation
6. i tend to smile when i’m nervous 
7. i laugh when i’m uncomfortable, embarrassed or confused 
8. i have two very different personalities
9. i can be quite sarcastic even when i don’t mean to be
10. i hate loud music and crowded places 
11. i’ve been stuck on number 11 for at least 5 minutes..
12. i have the most demonic and probably the ugliest laugh ever
13. i really really want to go on  a diet but i just can’t 
14. i wish i can start all over
15. the amount of eye rolling i do each day is ridiculous 
16. i find witty or sarcastic people really funny 
17. i hate explaining myself to others 
18. i hate birds especially pigeons 
19. the only reason why i’m doing this is because i’m bored 
20. i have more conversations in my head than i do in real life
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